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Handheld Sewage Drug Rapid Detector
The sewage drug detector was developed to solve the pain point of front-line police officers unable to trace the source of the drug situation. It is miniaturized, easy to carry, and has fast test results. It also has functions such as data storage, uploading, printing, and self-checking. Two-dimensional code recognition can be added, and an external camera can be used to realize the function of taking photos and forensics. It has a built-in 4G module and can connect to WiFi to upload test results to the cloud. It is suitable for quickly obtaining preliminary screening results for some suspicious water samples. According to the test results, it can quickly Determine whether there are crowded drug abuse or drug production dens in the testing site.

Fast detection speed: the analysis time of the treated sewage samples is less than or equal to 5min.
There are many kinds of detection: morphine, methamphetamine, ketamine reagent single board, morphine/ice 2-in-1 reagent board, morphine/meth/ketamine 3-in-1 reagent boardAnti-interference: Methcathinone-containing sewage sample methamphetamine reagent will not falsely report positive.